Tidy Website Brief

Briefing a website designer (Part 3) Tidy Website Brief: Decide What You Want To Say And Gather Your Pictures Together Read part 2 Decide On Your Domain Name This is the most important point I want to make because a tidy first proof can only really come from having all the info at hand. This is actually the most difficult thing for most people to do, but with a few tips it can… Continue reading

Decide On Your Domain Name

Briefing a website designer (Part 2) Decide On Your Domain Name Read part 1 Briefing a Website Designer If you haven’t already got your domain name (the web address) then this is the first thing to think about. Unless you are really lucky you will find by now that many domain names have been registered and it’s likely your first choice of name has already gone. My tip is to take your company name… Continue reading

Briefing a website designer

A brief introduction Briefing a website designer I’m a web developer and so I deal day to day with clients and their websites. If I’m lucky – though not every day – I get to talk to potential new clients about their websites, I get varying degrees of instructions from new clients ranging from: “I need a website – how much will one cost?” To: “I need a website designed, developed and managed for me… Continue reading

Responsive Website Design

Website development just doesn't stand still. It feels like there isn't a day that goes by without some new method or working practice is announced. In reality there are very few major changes but each one is followed by lots of little changes as the new way of working settles down. In recent months there has been a major shift in website development and it's called responsive design. Continue reading

No more wp-admin

Who would have thought that typing just eight characters would get me so wound up? I monitor, edit, amend and set up so many WordPress websites every day that I must hit the keys that make up /wp-admin / more times than any other keys on my computer. I got fed up with it so much that one time I went and renamed my wp-admin folder to something else and even when I edited the… Continue reading